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Watch out We're Mad (... Altrimenti ci Arrabbiamo!) - Spoiler Free Movie Review

A clumsy & dishonourable attempt at replicating a classic Italian slapstick comedy from the 70s. This is Netflix at its lowest point!

Original Title: … Altrimenti ci Arrabbiamo!

Genre: Action / Comedy

Director: YouNuts!

Cast: Edoardo Pesce, Alessandro Roja, Alessandra Mastronardi, Christian De Sica, Francesco Bruni, Massimiliano Rossi & Michael Schermi.

Run Time: 90 min.

US Release: 23 March 2022

UK Release: 24 August 2022 (Netflix)

German Release: 24 August 2022 (Netflix)

Just when one thinks Netflix can’t sink any lower, they release this sequel/remake, to Marcello Fondato’s original slapstick action-comedy … Altrimenti ci Arrabbiamo! One of my childhood favourite B-movies of the 70s, this is Italian-Spanish cooperation, starring the brilliant Bud Spencer and charismatic Terrence Hill. An absolute disservice to the original flick, directed by the Italian directorial duo YouNuts!, this is less of a homage than it is more of a paper bag full of dog faeces, lit on fire. So put on your racing helmets and hang on to your dune buggies, as I go on ranting about this Netflix crap!

After a short summary of the original plot, two young brothers lose the dune buggy his father won in a race. Years later, Carezza and Sorriso must put their grudges and differences aside for what matters most to them: the legendary dune buggy car that was stolen from them.

A reboot/sequel, this feature begins with a voiceover during a comic book-like introductory scene, in which the events of the first film are summarised. Yet it also doesn’t make a lot of sense, as the two young boys that are introduced at the end of the summary, are meant to be the sons of Bud Spencer’s character Ben. However, in Fondato’s original, Ben never had children. From there on the directorial duo of Niccolò Celaia and Antonio Usbergo, commonly going by the name YouNuts, begin to retell the same exact plot, but using the now grown-up children Carezza and Sorriso.

What made the ‘74 B-movie so great, is that it was a simple tale of rivalling rally drivers, who want their dune buggy back after it got destroyed by a gang of thugs. If anyone is familiar with this Italian comedy-duo, you’ll know that the basic premise of their pictures is always the same; a string of bone-crunching fights that are so over-the-top, they are hilarious, as well as some nonsensical dialogue that is funny. This remake tries to make more of it than it actually is, yet it fails miserably at doing so!

The script is nothing else than an appalling copy, with some modified elements to it. The slapstick comedy ain't funny, the shallow message embedded into the narrative, is clumsily brought up, and the dramatic turn-around is not even earned. The screenplay is a real tragedy!

Then there are the dialogues, be it between the two brothers or between the brothers and the villains, which sound as if scripted by five-year-old children. The jests are childishly unfunny, while the bad guys sound as if ripped out of a morning cartoon series.

Edoardo Pesce plays Carezza, the youngest son of Ben, who inherited his physicality, healthy appetite, as well as strength. Generally, Carezza is nothing else than a one-to-one copy of Ben, who the late Bud Spencer played. Yet Pesce can not replicate Spencer’s annoyance or joy, leaving a hollow image of the character. Carezza is also really dislikable as a character, he only complains without helping others, that is until the end and only because he needs others to get what he wants.

Alessandro Roja as Sorriso, is the other son of Ben, although it would have made more sense if he would have been scripted as the child of Kid (Terrence Hill) since it is that character Roja tries to imitate. Sorriso is the smart, tricky one, who tries to scam people to get through life. Roja is missing the charm of Terrance Hill, as well as not being believable as Carezza’s brother. His acting is wooden and inconvincible.

The slight ray of hope this flick has comes from the character Miriam, played by Alessandra Mastronardi. Miriam is the head of the carnie circus and a smart, strong woman. Mastronardi seems to be the only cast member eager to give the best performance possible, with what they were given.

The cinematography contains some of the worst camera work I have seen in a long time! The quality looks cheap, possibly trying to mimic the low budget of the original, however, it somehow looks cheaper than its 70s counterpart. The action is constantly interrupted, with comic book-looking caricatures of the fight, that are reminiscent of the Batman series of the 60s, though it doesn’t suit the style of the feature. Then there is the undersaturated colour and bronze tint, which are painful to the eyes.

The music mainly includes several remixes of the original’s choir song, meant to induce nostalgic memories. Although the remix used for the motorcycle fight sounds uninspired plus cheap. A remix of Oliver Onion’s song Dune Buggy is included in the last action scene. Then there are some misplaced western tunes during unsuccessful dramatic moments.


Verdict: An absolute dishonour to the work of Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill, this sequel is meant to be a reboot of the original B-film, but feels more like a parody than a tribute. Question is, what was the directorial duo trying to make fun of? Because Watch Out We’re Mad is already a silly slapstick action-comedy! The screenplay is a ridiculous empty shell of what the ‘74 story was. Adding forced values to the plot, plus a dramatic sequence at the end of the second act that does not feel earned. The dialogues are childish, while the actors don’t have the charisma or likeability of Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill. The cinematography is a real disaster, distracting from the fights by adding cartoonish segments! There is no love for the original flick, no talent in this remake, but worse; no one seems to try honouring the legacy of the Italian comedy-duo. Absolute garbage that I will never recommend, a 1.5 out of 10.


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