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It is hard to write about oneself without coming off as a pretentious douchebag, yet here I am trying my best not to sound like one.


This section will explain to all of you who are curious, the following: Who I am, why I took it up reviewing movies as a hobby, and what my rating system is about.

I was born in Munich, Germany and was raised by my German father and Spanish mother in a trilingual environment. I have two sisters, with whom I communicate in English and had the good fortune to attend an International School in Munich. I also became obsessed with movies early in my life. My uncle gave my sisters and me the original Star Wars Trilogy on VHS as a Christmas gift, when I was only six years old. From that day onwards I tried to watch as many movies as possible, fascinated by the craft of filmmaking.


Following school, I attended University in Southampton, England, where I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Journalism. I returned to Germany, where I moved from job to job, each deviating more and more from my journalistic background. In 2015 I finally decided to create my own blog and combine what I studied with my passion for film.


I love the art of movies and the feeling when a simple scene can transport you to another world. It is a craft that many misunderstand as plain entertainment, without understanding the hard work and input that people put into them; behind and in front of the cameras. This fondness for movies is what I want to share with my readers.

The rating system I use is a simple 10 to 1 scale, moving in halves - 10 being the highest grade I give a film. I also split up these numbers into different segments of colour, to identify the rating I gave a movie in a visually stimulating way as well.

Here is how my rating system is split up:

I hope this answers some of the questions you might have about myself and my reviews.

Thank you all for supporting me and reading my posts!


- Axel Häger-Carrion.

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