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Ant-Man Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

A small-scaled film for a small scaled hero. Marvel’s final Phase 2 movie is arriving in the cinemas, and it is a highly entertaining tale.
Ant-Man Banner

Genre: Action/Comedy/Sci-Fi

Director: Peyton Reed

Cast: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Michael Peña, Bobby Cannavale, Judy Greer & Anthony Mackie.

Run Time: 117 min.

US Release: 17 July 2015

UK Release: 17 July 2015

German Release: 23 July 2015

I just came back from seeing a special pre-screening of Ant-Man and my first thought was: brilliant, funny but similar to Iron Man and co.! The quality of the film is surprisingly good, given the trouble behind set with former director Edgar Wright but the movie does not disappoint and entertains from beginning to end. It will be interesting to see Scott Lang fighting next to his new Avenger buddies in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

Scott Lang (Rudd), a con-man recently released from prison, is given a second chance by scientist veteran Hank Pym (Douglas). He needs to break into his Laboratory, which was taken over by former protégé Darren Cross (Stoll), and steel the Yellowjacket technology; a copy of the original Ant-Man suit Pym is trying to protect. Armed with the formidable suit that offers Lang to shrink in size but keep his strength, he and Dr. Hank Pym device a heist plan that sets Scott against impossible odds but would ultimately save the world.

The newest Marvel feature was cause of worry to many fans. It went through many production difficulties and uncountable issues. Then there was the change of director, Edgar Wright left and Peyton Reed (Yes Man) was given the project, although he never helmed such a big movie before. Personally, I need to confess that I would have loved to see an Ant-Man flick directed by Wright!

Then there was the announcement of Paul Rudd who was cast as Scott Lang, a comedian in an action blockbuster was cause of growing worries, concerning this production. Many weren't sure if making a comedy out of this superhero would have been the right way to go. But guess what? All worries were blown away the moment the first scene came on screen! It is all handled extremely well and the tone really does suit the atmosphere of the film. It isn’t trying to be that big superhero blockbuster that Iron Man, Thor or Captain America are. It is a simple heist movie, with a normal anti-hero becoming an unusual hero.

The story has a good focus on the importance of family and Scott’s issues with his daughter mirrow those of Pym and his daughter Hope (Lilly). It basically asked the question: How far would you go to see your daughter safe? I am also very impressed by how they tied in this film to the larger Marvel Universe. The best aspects of this movie, though, must bee Pym’s backstory and his history with Howard Stark. Talking about Stark, this heist flick does borrow from the Iron Man plot, and although feeling familiar it also helps this feature in a big way.

The characters in this movie are all developed magnificent and elevated the overall quality of the film. Scott Lang is a broke and beaten man. All he wants to do, is to try and make his daughter proud but he isn’t given the chance to restart his life. That is until Hank Pym steps in and gives him a chance at become more than he is. Paul Rudd does such a spectacular job as Lang, he really understands the character and his pain.

It is still surreal to see Michael Douglas play Hank Pym - a comic book character. He is one of the greatest actors of his generation and seeing him in this film is prove of how much the genre changed in the past couple of years. He is fantastic as Pym, like Rudd he gave his character an emotional depth that really benefited the story!

Hope van Dyne, Pym’s daughter is an equally emotionally hurt person, as her father had little time to spend with her. Hank lost his wife, and Hope her mother but Pym is keeping secrets from her and she feels rejected by him through those secrets. Evangeline Lilly is great as Hope, she really gives her character a strong personality. Darren Cross is the weakest persona in this heist film. A neglected protégé of Pym, who sets out to steal the company of his mentor, out of revenge because the former ignored him. It did not make for a good enough reason for the characters motivations.

Reed really did surprised as director of this small hero flick. A lot of the combat choreography and effects had been taken from Wright’s ideas but he still managed to piece together a really nice action-comedy. The action shots are spectacular and well choreographed and the fights look amazing and real. Even the still and quiet moments managed to grab the attention of the audience. Effects wise, this movie is simply… Wow! The first scene looks amazing - no spoilers story wise but let me just say that the scene with a younger Douglas looked very real! The miniaturised scenes are baffling and look as if really there really would be a small man running along ants, with the 3D effects enhancing those frames.


Verdict: Ant-Man is a brilliant little heist film. It has a lot of heart, some hilarious moments and although the villain was not tremendously great, it was a lot fun watching Lang and Cross bud heads. Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas are brilliantly cast, the effects are mind-blowing an the story brilliantly elaborated. I will give this flick a 9.0 out of 10, a little less than Iron Man because it did borrow from its story. I really do recommend watching it in theatres!

Guys and girls let me know what you thought of this movie, once you’ve seen it! I am really curious about your opinion of Ant-Man.

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